Sunday, February 19, 2006

Quotes from “Boychicks in the Hood”

“Boychicks in the Hood” by Robert Eisenberg

“They have no use for restaurants, nor for movie theaters, television, secular education, professional skills beyond basic craftsmanship, opera, symphony, literature (other than that spawned from the Torah) or conspicuous consumption.” Most of them have no more than a passing interest in politics,….
They couldn’t care less about United Jewish Appeal or other mainstream charities, and those who give to yeshivot, Jewish schools of higher learning, or other educational centers. They are insular, insulated, and when they look outside their world, they see Aids, crack, promiscuous sex, and a general breakdown of morals.”

Most Satmars think of Lubavitchers are damaged goods, idolaters.

At school, which children start at age three, there are no sports, no swimming. and no secular subjects other than state-mandated courses in civics.”

“The Lubavitchers are among the most militant of all Jewish groups in their desire to retain the territories in Israel”.

Medieval. That’s what they are, medieval people.”

“Developing a well-rounded personality is not, to put it mildly, a conscious objective. Intramural sports, theater, swimming pools and socials are all outside the realm of acceptability.”

“They’re into screwing the government!”

“I never met one who didn’t take advantage. Food stamps, ADC, Section 8 housing, you name it-and that’s just the millionaires. They own eight houses but they get welfare. Taxes? They don’t know the meaning of the word. They put all their assets on one big kitty- a yeshiva fund- and borrow on it. There is no law in Williamsburg”

An Orthodox doctor recalls “Eighty to ninety percent of her clients are on Medicaid”.

Assailed for running around on hot days in layers of black clothing, they are sometimes referred to as cockroaches.

Becoming religious with a thirst for Judaism is known as “turning black”

“But one thing is certain. The Hasidic population in America will continue to grow, in number, in confidence, and in economic influence. Fifty or seventy-five years hence, the ultra-Orthodox, along with their modern Orthodox brethren, will represent the majority of Jews in this country. A generation or two later, and they may very well be the only Jews left. What took fifty generations to build will mostly be gone in fifty years. But the Hasidim, against the backdrop of cyberspace, genetic engineering, and new forms of travel, will stand out as a monument to faith and tenacity, and a living memorial to another era. “


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